4 Ways To Control Asthma Triggers At Home

Anyone who has ever had asthma knows very well how painful and debilitating it can be when an attack strikes. Because of this, most sufferers take great pains to prevent attacks from occurring in the first place.

Preventing painful attacks is actually easier then one might think. In many cases, this is simply a matter of making sure to limit exposure to known allergens that trigger symptoms.

This article will take a closer look at some factors that are known asthma triggers and offer some tried and tested solutions that will assist those in Atlanta living with this painful condition to avoid further pain and suffering.

Protect Against Dust Mites

  • Place soft furniture such as mattresses, pillows, and box springs inside specially made zippered covers.
  • If living in a home with carpets, be sure to vacuum frequently with allergen rated vacuum bags. If possible, it is good form to have someone else help you do the vacuuming.
  • Be sure to change filters on air conditioners, heaters, humidifiers, and similar gadgets on a regular schedule.
  • Be sure to only use washable window coverings, and regularly clean them to prevent the appearance of dust mites.

Stop Mold And Mildew From Forming

  • Be sure that damp and humid areas of the home receive adequate air flow. In addition to this, a dehumidifier can be employed to keep humidity levels between 25 and 50%.
  • Be sure to clean restrooms periodically with mold killing cleaning products. After hot showers, be sure to run the exhaust fans to get rid of excess moisture.
  • Make sure to keep indoor plants out of sleeping areas.
  • When painting, mold inhibitors can be added to paint to prevent mold from proliferating.

Be Sure To Control Insects

  • Be sure to deploy roach trap and poison to kill and contain any such pests that may be present in the home.
  • If insect sprays are employed as a deterrent, be sure to make use of them when no one else is around. In addition to this, allow the home to air out for several hours before returning.

Protect Against Asthma Triggers From Pets

  • Pets can be delightful, but if someone in the family is allergic the best bet will be to not own a pet in the first place.
  • If friends and family have pets that may trigger attacks, it is wise to avoid lengthy visits to their homes. In addition to this, it is always a good idea to take preventative medications before any such visit occurs.
  • Be sure to clean and wash pets on a weekly basis to prevent the buildup of potential allergens.
  • Get rid of unnecessary carpeting, because allergens such as animal dander can build up and stay in the fibers for long periods of time.

Asthma is indeed a potentially debilitating disease. That said, those living in Atlanta that apply the above mentioned tips will be taking great strides toward eliminating possible triggers for asthma from their home environment.