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An Overview of the Spring Allergy Season

When it comes to spring season there’s good news and there’s bad news. The good news is that the weather will be great! The temperatures will be moderate, the birds will be chirping and the flowers will be blooming. That brings us to the bad news; seeing flowers bloom is a beautiful thing, but with […]

Fall Allergy Facts

Fall season has arrived! Although the allergy season is already a month in, it’s still important to freshen up on the fall allergy facts. Approximately 40 million people in the U.S. suffer from seasonal allergies, which can be caused by a range of allergens. Each season brings on different triggers. Autumn is one of the major seasons […]

Transforming your Home into an Allergy Safe Zone

It’s pollen season again. Outside is a pollen filled war zone and it’s seeping into your home as well. Your home is supposed to be a sacred place that you should be able to enjoy without allergens disturbing your peace. Whether it’s allergy season or not it’s always important to maintain a home free of […]

Fall vs. Spring Allergies

Fall and spring are arguably the two best seasons of the year. The temperature isn’t too cool or too hot. In the fall, there’s football, pumpkin flavors, and sweaters; In the spring, there’s flowers, animals, and flip flops. With all that beauty, there’s also a downfall. Both Fall and Spring are allergy seasons. The symptoms […]

How to Deal with Pollen Allergies

In this video, Dr Rabinowitz discusses the steps you can take to handle pollen allergies. He suggests: 1) Get allergy tested — find out if you are actually allergic to pollen, especially before using certain medications which are largely ineffective on non-allergic individuals. 2) OTC medications — find out what are the most effective medications […]