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4 Ways To Control Asthma Triggers At Home

Anyone who has ever had asthma knows very well how painful and debilitating it can be when an attack strikes. Because of this, most sufferers take great pains to prevent attacks from occurring in the first place. Preventing painful attacks is actually easier then one might think. In many cases, this is simply a matter […]

School Children & Asthma in Atlanta, Georgia

Coping with Asthma Symptoms to Ensure Academic Success Parents of school children with asthma have many concerns about how to help their children cope with symptoms in schools. Since school is the work of childhood, teachers in the schools of Atlanta are often the most available resource that parents have to learn about their children’s […]

[VIDEO] Dr Rabinowitz on Asthma Testing in Atlanta, GA

The evaluation of asthma is an important part of an allergist’s practice. Patients come to us with symptoms of cough, wheezing, tight chest, shortness of breath… some of these symptoms at rest, some only with exertion. Besides taking history to see if these symptoms are present, and a thorough physical exam to see if you […]

Top Atlanta Allergist Dr Paul Rabinowitz Discusses Chronic Cough [VIDEO]

We’re often asked to see patients with chronic cough. In fact, more than ever, we’re seeing patients with chronic cough. When I go out and talk with other doctors, it’s amazing how many other doctors tell us they have patients with cough they can’t bring under control. So, it’s a serious problem, and an allergist […]

Video: What is Asthma?

Not as easy an answer as for most medical conditions because of great variability in causes, severity and symptoms. Cough, wheezing, shortness of breath, chest tightness, and exercise limitations are common asthma symptoms, though may be present in other conditions as well. From a textbook standpoint, “muscle spasm causing a narrowing of the airways” is […]

Asthma Coaching Program Could Help Parents

A new program originating at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis may give help to parents of children with asthma. Jane Garbutt, MD, Professor of Medicine and Pediatrics at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis says, “You have to know what to do when the child’s asthma symptoms get worse in a […]