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Atlanta Allergist Dr Livezey: What Causes Allergies [VIDEO]

Why Allergies Exist While the human immune system is remarkable in its ability to respond to a myriad of foreign materials it encounters in the environment, unfortunately, it’s not perfect. Sometimes it mounts a response to a harmless material, like animal dander, dust particles, pollens or foods; and the results are symptoms characteristic of hay […]

[VIDEO] Dr Rabinowitz on Asthma Testing in Atlanta, GA

The evaluation of asthma is an important part of an allergist’s practice. Patients come to us with symptoms of cough, wheezing, tight chest, shortness of breath… some of these symptoms at rest, some only with exertion. Besides taking history to see if these symptoms are present, and a thorough physical exam to see if you […]

Dr Livezey Atlanta Top Asthma Doctor: Food Allergy [VIDEO]

While 25% of people believe they have a food allergy, less than 10% actually have this problem. Many have food intolerance and digestive issues. Part of the difference is that many food intolerance and digestive issues are called “allergic” incorrectly. For instance, “lactose intolerance” is not an allergic response, but the inability to digest lactose […]

Video: What is Asthma?

Not as easy an answer as for most medical conditions because of great variability in causes, severity and symptoms. Cough, wheezing, shortness of breath, chest tightness, and exercise limitations are common asthma symptoms, though may be present in other conditions as well. From a textbook standpoint, “muscle spasm causing a narrowing of the airways” is […]

How to Survive Fall Hay Fever: Part 1 of 7

Tips to help seasonal allergy sufferers reduce or eliminate annoying symptoms during the coming months Follow this 7-part series to learn to better cope with Fall Allergies & Allergic Rhinitis. Fall allergy season is almost here. For those with allergic rhinitis (hay fever) life can become miserable pretty quickly. With the arrival of all that […]

How to Reduce the Effects of Hay Fever When Cycling

[x_share title=”Share this Post” twitter=”true” facebook=”true” google_plus=”true” email=”true”] In 2012, Bicycling Magazine rated Minneapolis the number one city in America for bike friendliness. Atlanta did not enter the top ten, nor has it ever. But Mayor Kasim Reed’s administration voiced a goal in 2013 to break into the top ten by 2016 and vowed to make […]