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Fall vs. Spring Allergies

Fall and spring are arguably the two best seasons of the year. The temperature isn’t too cool or too hot. In the fall, there’s football, pumpkin flavors, and sweaters; In the spring, there’s flowers, animals, and flip flops. With all that beauty, there’s also a downfall. Both Fall and Spring are allergy seasons. The symptoms […]

Celebrating Memorial Day with Asthma and Allergies

In one week, our country will celebrate Memorial Day and honor the men and women who have died in military service. The extended weekend is traditionally also the perfect opportunity to spend time with friends and family, head outdoors, and grill out. Allergies and asthma can be a concern during any event that brings people together, […]

Moving to college with asthma or allergies

For a graduating senior, chances are that right now they are focusing on prom, final exams, and graduation. They might not yet be thinking a few months down the road when they will be moving into a dorm room at their dream college. But for a senior with asthma or allergies, now is the exact time […]

Reducing allergies in the home

There is no denying it, allergy season is here and in full force. While pollen and other outdoor allergens can be the reason for your sneezing, controlling the allergens within your home can help reduce some of your discomfort. Front Door Implement a “no shoes” rule when in the house. Shoes can track in pollen […]

Gluten Free Menus around Atlanta

In February we discussed how to dine out with allergies. Now that you are equipped with the skills, it is time to enjoy a night out. This month we share with you some Atlanta restaurants that currently have gluten free (GF) offerings on their menu. As recommended in the dining out blog, we recommend calling […]

Traveling with Allergies

Traveling can be a great way to spend vacations and see the world. Spending time away from home, while rejuvenating, can also be concerning when you have allergies. Below are some tips for handling food and environmental allergies while away from home. Food Allergies When traveling internationally, food allergies can be of particular concern. Carry an […]

Controlling Winter Asthma in Seven Steps

Winter weather can irritate asthma symptoms, restrict airways and impair breathing. Following simple steps below can help control asthma brought on in the winter. Outside 1. Avoid exercising outside in cold weather. 2. Cover your mouth and nose with fabric when breathing. This helps warm the air as you inhale. Inside 3. Change air filters […]

Your 10 Worst Allergy Mistakes

Allergy symptoms are the worst and can stop you in your tracks! There are things that you could be doing that makes those allergies worse. Here are several easy ways to reduce the chances of a symptom flare up in Atlanta. You are allowing pollen in During Spring and Fall pollen season, keep the windows […]

School Children & Asthma in Atlanta, Georgia

Coping with Asthma Symptoms to Ensure Academic Success Parents of school children with asthma have many concerns about how to help their children cope with symptoms in schools. Since school is the work of childhood, teachers in the schools of Atlanta are often the most available resource that parents have to learn about their children’s […]