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Top Atlanta Allergist Dr Paul Rabinowitz Discusses Chronic Cough [VIDEO]

We’re often asked to see patients with chronic cough. In fact, more than ever, we’re seeing patients with chronic cough. When I go out and talk with other doctors, it’s amazing how many other doctors tell us they have patients with cough they can’t bring under control. So, it’s a serious problem, and an allergist […]

[VIDEO] Dr Rabinowitz on Chronic Nasal Congestion in Cumming, GA

A common problem that comes to us (in our practice) is chronic nasal congestion. This, for somebody who has hay fever or allergic rhinitis, can be the number one symptom.The nasal congestion might also be due to a nasal obstruction, possibly due to a deviated septum, or the presence of nasal polyps. Also, we may […]