Controlling Winter Asthma in Seven Steps

Controlling winter asthma in 7 easy stepsWinter weather can irritate asthma symptoms, restrict airways and impair breathing. Following simple steps below can help control asthma brought on in the winter.


1. Avoid exercising outside in cold weather.

2. Cover your mouth and nose with fabric when breathing. This helps warm the air as you inhale.


3. Change air filters frequently.

4. Utilize an in-room or whole house humidifier. Ideal humidity levels should maintain between 30-45%. Levels that are too high can encourage mold growth.

5. Regularly vacuum and dust your home. Dust using a damp cloth and vacuum with a HEPA filter vacuum.

6. Down comforters and pillows can irritate asthma symptoms. Avoid them and wash all other bedding at high temperatures to destroy allergens.

7. Make your home smoke free. This includes cigarettes, candles, and fireplaces.

Additional tips:

And always remember to get your annual flu shot and wash hands regularly.