16 Allergy Tweets Guaranteed to Make You Laugh

Living with allergies can be a painful journey; but look on the bright side, you’re not in it alone. Millions of Americans across the nation deal with allergies just like you, and they tweet about it often. Here’s a list of allergy tweets guaranteed to make you laugh out loud.

1. A’s aren’t always that great.

2. When it’s that special time of year.

3. A very reasonable question about allergies:

4. When this dog’s allergies just didn’t seem too bad after all.

5. Is this a Covergirl product?

6. Then there is this friend that needs a lesson on what pollen is.

7. An impossible challenge:

8. This yummy Allergy-Friendly meal:

9. Breathing isn’t that important. Is it?

10. Will the sneeze be merciful?

11. This sounds fairly accurate.

12. The cutest sneeze ever.

13. A trendy way to teach people the proper sneeze technique.

14. The Barry White effect:

15. The tweet that will make you wonder what you’re allergic to.

16. And here’s the guy you aren’t allowed to be polite to.