[VIDEO] Dr Rabinowitz on Asthma Testing in Atlanta, GA

The evaluation of asthma is an important part of an allergist’s practice.

Patients come to us with symptoms of cough, wheezing, tight chest, shortness of breath… some of these symptoms at rest, some only with exertion.

Besides taking history to see if these symptoms are present, and a thorough physical exam to see if you can hear any wheezing on lung exam, we also do pulmonary function testing to see if there’s evidence of airway obstruction. We will then reverse this obstruction by giving a breathing treatment and if that reversibility is present, that will prove the presence of asthma.

In addition, there’s a new test called the niox test that measures inflammation in the lungs. Asthmatics, particularly asthmatics who are having symptoms, have inflammation in their lungs. In fact, asthma is not a disease of bronchial spasm, where using an albuterol inhaler actually does anything effective in controlling the asthma. It actually is a disease where you need anti-inflammatory medications (like steroids) to bring them under control.

So this test becomes important. When we combine the pulmonary function testing, the niox testing, the history and the physical exam, we’ll then come up with a plan of action with the appropriate medications to bring the symptoms under control.

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